Paper Competition

FRF’s First International Student Paper Competition
in Honor of Professor Mehdi Ghalibafian, PhD, SE, 2008

Ashkan Vosooghi, a PhD Candidate at the University of Reno, Nevada captured the top prize in the FRF’s First International Student Paper Competition with his paper, “Rapid Repair of RC Bridge Columns Subjected to Earthquakes.” The two runners-up areBehruz Shafei and Mehdi Bakhshi

Payam Khashaee, PhD, PE

John M. Coil, SE
Orhan Gurbuz, PhD, PE
Abdoreza Sarvghad-Moghadam, PhD
Farzad Naeim, PhD, SE, Esq.
Rui Pinho, PhD
Carl Sramek, SE
For more information please download 2008-FRF-Bios (PDF)

Ashkan Vosooghi, PhD Candidate, University of Reno, Nevada
Full Paper
Extended abstract

Behruz Shafei, University of California, Irvine
Full Paper
Extended abstract
Mehdi Bakhshi, Arizona State University
Full Paper
Extended abstract

Please refer to Newsletter No. 106 for more information on the competition results.